As long as humans have walked the earth, we’ve created medicine. I’m sure that old age gave Methuselah a few aches and pains. And it’s highly possible a gnarly saber-toothed tiger gnawed on your great-great-great grandpa’s ankle. Whatever the malady, everyone has been stove up at one time or another. And when you find yourself on the sickbed, it’s nice to have a well-stocked apothecary at your fingertips. And knowing that you made all the goodness it contain was crafted by your very own hands is even more satisfying! If you’re interested in a super-duper article on the history of women in medicine-making, you can find it here.

“All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature, the challenge of science is to find it.” Philippus Theophrastrus Bombast that of Aureolus ~ Paracelsus (1493-1541)

Castor Oil & Chicken Soup

The question is…can you really make your own medicine? The only answer is yes! Just look to the past generations of your family line…most of us have a remedy or two passed down from grandma..I know I do! My grandma’s concoctions are famous in our family. After having 15 kids, there wasn’t a problem she couldn’t fix. She’s also famous for brewing her own wine under the kitchen sink…but that’s a story for another time! Also in my personal heritage, is a woman named Evil Leaf. She was a renowned medicine woman of the Chippewa-Cree tribe. I wish I had some of her recipes to use today! When I’m gathering herbs in the mountains to use for one of my famous cure-all balms, I often think of her.

While I doubt Evil Leaf was recommending salt water for sore throats and chicken soup for the flu, I’m sure she was competent about using what she had around her. Because we all know we want to spare every trip to the doctor that we possibly can! Who can you think of in your lineage who may have passed on some medicine magic? 🤔

The Homesteader’s Medicine Chest

There’s no question about it…education on how to craft & use fine medicine is an absolute must-have skill for any homesteader. Knowing how to use what Mother Nature gave us to heal will get you and your critters out of many a pickle! Making your own medicine is not only rewarding in a physical sense, but is also elixir for the heart and soul.

So where do you start? Personally, I keep it simple. I always have homemade herbal items like Balm of Gilead + lavender + raw honey & garlic + yarrow + homemade healing shrubs + elderberry syrup etc in my emergency kit. Like many awesome homesteaders, I prefer to be prepared!

Here’s my list for must-haves in the medicine cabinet. I find it so interesting that back in the day when you hardly had two sets of clothes, you had a whole CHEST just for medicine. I guess it was a long ride to the doctor in those days!

You can cure a myriad of maladies with just these simple items. Click on any of the list items to take you to a post to learn more about them.

Do you want to learn all about Balm of Gilead? Just click the link above! It’s SO simple to make and really is a liquid gold, solve-all solution. We’re never without it in this household. I promise you’ll be singing it’s praises from the top of the barn in no time!

We Got Weeds

Weeds. Le sigh. If you asked me, the more the merrier! Most of the time what can be labeled as ‘weeds’ are actually great for our body, mind and spirit. There’s an old adage that says, ‘Weeds grow where they’re needed.’ I believe it! Many of the items in my medicine chest are tied to a weed one way or another. Even the raw honey is provided by busy little bees who’ve been feasting on weeds!

If you’d like, I’ll email you the first three chapters of my e-book, ‘The Homesteader’s Medicine Chest’. This humble e-book is a wealth of information on the essential items you’ve got to have in your chest. Most of the magic you can harvest or make yourself. I recommend filling it with local treasures if at all possible. The closer to home the better! But…

Here’s a simple reminder from me to you…if you’re not 100% sure of what you’re harvesting, don’t eat it! It’s important to form intimate relationships with plants in your natural environment. If you’re not positive you know what you’re harvesting, then it’s probably best to leave it be. There are a plethora of awesome resources with information unique to your geographical located. You can find my list of credible resources by clicking here. There’s a comprehensive list of books and webpages to learn pretty much anything you need to know!

Want to get a head starting on making your own medicine?

You can get the first three chapters of ‘The Homesteader’s Medicine Chest’ for free by tying your contact information to the first carrier pigeon you see…just teasin’! Fill out the short form below and I’ll send it to you asap.

“A weed is a plant whose virtue is not yet known.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson